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About flaminglacer on food

Tricia-SmithHi, my name is Tricia Smith, otherwise known as flaminglacer. Thank you for visiting my ‘foodie’ website, I hope you enjoy your time here and will visit regularly.

My philosophy on food is simple, good food is healthy food and all things in moderation is a perfectly healthy way to eat. I don’t believe all these good things would be available if we weren’t meant to enjoy them – so I do! I use Eggs, Butter, Cream, Chocolate and all those things that people get snippy about, I also use Lentils, Brown Rice and loads of fruit and vegetables because I believe that the key to a good diet is balance. Too much deprivation is just as bad as too much indulgence.

I grew up in the catering trade and although my career path has taken me away from that, I love to cook. I like to make things from scratch but that doesn’t mean I am above taking the occasional shortcut – though I draw the line at ‘Baking Spreads’! I don’t believe in making more work than is necessary in the kitchen and I am a bit of a gadget grabber but I still believe there is little that can’t be done with a good knife, a wooden spoon and a decent sized bowl, so you won’t need a million gadgets to try out my recipes. I also have lots of tips and tricks that I have picked up during a lifetime obsessed with food and cooking so they will be flying around as well.

Since the death in 2012 of my Dearly Beloved I don’t have so many opportunities to share my cooking so that is part of the reason for this site – I am going to share it with you. I have also come to realise that cooking for one requires a completely new mind set, and there is little out there to help so that will be featuring fairly heavily as well, cake making is a classic example.

If you want to know a little more about me and my day job please visit my ‘work’ blog flaminglacer’s mutterings, or if you want to know more about Tricia Smith, the person behind flaminglacer you are very welcome to check out my personal blog As It Comes