Add Your Recipes

0 Comments | May 13, 2013

We would love to see your recipes too, so feel free to add your own.  It must have a photo and clear instructions, much like the other recipes on the site.

Once you have submitted it, we’ll try it out and add it to the site for everyone to share.

In the first box please put some information about the recipe, why you like it, whether you need any special tools or unusual ingredients and so on. Then just fill out the rest of the boxes with the ingredients and method.

Please list your ingredients with metric and imperial quantities, let us know how easy it is and what category you think it will fit into best.  You  will find most of these are drop down boxes so they won’t take long to add.

If you would prefer to film your recipe and add it as a video, that’s fine too

To submit a recipe you will need to have a login which will be provided on application –  please contact us via the Contact Form and we will set one up for you

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