Fruit Pie For One

Fruit Crostata

For me a Fruit Crostata is a way to get round the issue of Fruit Pie for one. When cooking for one most recipes can be adapted with a little effort but Fruit Pies generally end up as just too much, even if you make a small one. The balance of fruit to pastry is wrong for my taste and I always end up throwing half of it away. You can freeze portions but it is never quite the same. The solution was a Crostata – quick, easy and not too much pastry.

Generally speaking Crostata is made with shortcrust pastry but I prefer puff pastry, but the recipe is interchangeable, just have the oven temperature a little lower if you use shortcrust.

I don’t always make the pastry as you can get good ready made ones. However I don’t buy it frozen, as that way I can portion it up and freeze it in sensible sized amounts. If I do make pastry I will always freeze the offcuts for recipes such as this as you only need about 100gms / 4 ozs. It defrosts fairly quickly so if I find myself with fruit and the urge for pie I can make one with little trouble.

You can use most fruits for this recipe, I made this one using Plums but Apples and Pears work well, as does Rhubarb. Donut Peaches make a fabulous version as well.

There are two key things with this recipe. Firstly, you must toss the fruit in the cornflour and sugar mixture. If you miss this out the juices from the fruit make everything very wet, with it you have a nice sticky syrup which holds everything together. Secondly, preheat the baking tray as this will crisp up the base of the Crostata – no soggy bottoms to spoil your Dessert. You will also need a small sheet of Baking Parchment to make life simple.

It can be served hot, warm or cold with Cream, Custard or Ice Cream – or just on it’s own!


  • 100 gms / 4 ozs Puff or Shortcrust Pastry
  • 2 or 3 Plums or 1 Apple, or 1 Pear or other fruit of your choice
  • ½ tbsp Cornflour
  • ½ tbsp Sugar (adjust according to your fruit)
  • Pinch of Cinnamon or other spice to complement your choice of fruit
  • Beaten Egg to Glaze

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