Hazelnut Mocha Ice Cream

  • Servings : 8
  • Prep Time : 15m
  • Cook Time : 20m
  • Ready In : 2:000 h

The recipe for Hazelnut Mocha Ice Cream appeared first on my personal blog, As it Comes, but I thought I would add it here as well given it’s popularity.

I love Ice Cream, real proper Ice Cream that has flavour and texture and this one fits the bill.  it’s smooth,  rich and chocolately, definitely a ‘grown up’  flavour. I use an Ice Cream machine but it is perfectly possible to do it without one, just beat the Ice cream a couple of times during the freezing process. My machine is nothing fancy – a special offer deal on Amazon that is still available. It has paid for itself many times over since I bought it, and I get Ice Cream that is exactly to my taste. It makes a maximum of about 1 litre without overfilling the machine and that is plenty for several servings. Overfilling it is not a good idea because it makes a dreadful mess! You need to remember that the Ice cream will increase in volume as it is beaten in the machine – I learned that the hard way. You can see the details of it if you click here.

You do need some Custard for this recipe, you can make it from scratch if you want but ready made works equally well. I just add a little more Espresso to counteract the sweetness. I love puddings but not if they are too sweet. I use Hotel Chocolat Liquid Chocolate Flakes, again because they are not too sweet, but you can grate your favourite chocolate or use a bar that will crumble easily.

I like the Ice Cream just as it is with a wafer or crisp biscuit. For a really special treat I will have it with some Strawberries or Raspberries, just a little cream drizzled over and an extra sprinkle of chocolate flakes. It is very rich so one scoop is generally enough – but you can force yourself to two if you really try!


  • 100 gms / 4 ozs Nutella or Chocolate Nut Spread of your choice
  • 50 ml / 2 fl ozs very strong Espresso
  • 200 gms / 8 ozs Custard
  • 150 mls / 6 fl ozs Double Cream
  • 5 tsps (heaped) Hotel Chocolat Liquid Chocolate Flakes (or grated chocolate of your choice)


Step 1

Put the Nutella into a freezer safe jug or bowl and mix in the hot coffee stirring til it is all well combined

Step 2

Add the custard and mix well

Step 3

Check the mix is not too hot and add the cream

Step 4

Mix until the ingredients are all well combined then put into the freezer for abut 30 mins til it is nicely chilled

Step 5

Pour the mix into your Ice Cream Maker or suitably sized bowl and add the Liquid Chocolate flakes

Step 6

If you are using an ice cream maker, Churn until the mix is at the desired consistency - about 20 mins.

Step 7

If you are using a bowl, put the mix into the freezer and beat well after about 30 mins to break up any ice crystals. You should do this again after another 30 mins if it still soft enough

Step 8

Transfer to a suitable container from either the Ice Cream maker or the bowl and put into the freezer for a further hour or so

Step 9


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