White Chocolate And Custard Cookies


This recipe started life in a BBC Good Food magazine but I have tweaked and twiddled it to suit my taste and lots of other people liked it this way too!  The original recipe was for a thick, chewy cookie but I like them better when they are thin and crisp – and have a bit more chocolate in them.  They go very well with Ice cream.  If you like them thicker just make fewer biscuits.

Don’t be tempted to use White Chocolate Drops, many of those are not proper chocolate and they won’t taste the same, they just melt into the biscuit leaving a slightly peculiar taste behind them.  It is better to chop up a bar of decent white chocolate – I like Lindt or Green and Blacks.  As this recipe makes so many, it’s not an extravagance to have decent ingredients.


  • 175 gms /6 ozs Butter, softened
  • 1 large Egg
  • ½ tsp Vanilla Bean Paste
  • 225 gms / 8 ozs Self Raising Flour
  • 85 gms / 3 ozs Custard Powder
  • 110 gms / 4 ozs good quality White chocolate chopped into chunks
  • 140 gms / 5 ozs Caster Sugar


Step 1

Beat the Butter and Sugar together until the mix is really light and fluffy, then add the Egg and Vanilla Bean Paste and beat well.

Step 2

Meanwhile sift together the Self Raising flour and the Custard Powder and then gradually add to the mix, once a dough has formed add the chocolate

Step 3

Roll the dough into balls depending on how large you want your Cookies and put on a baking tray lined with Baking parchment

Step 4

Bake at 180C / 160c Fan / Gas 4 for 15- 20 mins until they are a pale golden brown. Don’t be tempted to let them get too brown as they go bitter

Step 5

Make a Pot of Tea, and allow it to brew whilst the Cookies cool. Place two (or more) Cookies on a plate, pour Tea into a cup. Sit down in a comfortable chair and enjoy

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